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Candidate proctoring information

Information to include with communications for candidates sitting a proctored Exam on Synap
We've created 2 guides that you can use to share with your candidates who are sitting a proctored exam on ProctorExam. We recommend you don't share this page with candidates directly as it will allow them to access the rest of the documentation that pertains to the way exams are set up. Use the information on this page to inform your separate communications and guidance with candidates
The two most important things for running successful proctored exams are:
1) Candidates do the system check
You must stress the importance of this to candidates, and avoid having lots of candidates who have not completed the checks on exam day, otherwise support will be very difficulty for you and your team to provide. Ideally you want them to start doing the checks 2 weeks before the exam
2) Candidates must do the system check on the network and device they intend to do the exam on
You don't want candidates starting the set up process & downloading things during the exam window because they did the set up on a different device - stress this in your communications.

Downloadable guides

Click to view and download our ProctorExam sat on Synap FAQs pdf
Click to view and download our ProctorExam student process pdf
All information and instructions is sent from [email protected] tell your candidates they need to keep an eye out for emails from here and check their spam

Information and resources

ProctorExam candidate demo:
video guide for candidates

System requirements for ProctorExam

  • Laptop or computer - cannot use mobile or tablet
  • Working webcam and microphone
  • Install a plugin
  • Google Chrome - (only)
  • Screen share / recording permissions enabled
  • receive emails from [email protected]
Candidates may need administrator access to their device to install the plugin and edit sharing permissions.


ProctorExam provides live chat support during the proctor set up both on exam day and during the system check. Support agents can help with troubleshooting microphone, webcam and other system issues. They cannot help candidates with exam specifics, username and password issues or anything like that, they must contact the exam administrator for help.

Finished exam

Candidates have answered all the questions and submitted their exam, they will be taken to a confirmation screen (there might be a slight delay whilst your answers are saved) on Synap. They must then close the tab that they were doing the exam on. Leaving them with just the Proctor tab open. Candidates need to click ‘Finish’ on this tab as well, the button is in the top right hand corner of the screen. Once done they can close the browser, the exam is over.