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Setting up proctored exams

How to set up a proctored exam using ProctorExam - Similar process for any proctoring tool
If you've been given access to Syanp's instance of ProctorExam, head over to and login with your account details
Access to Synap's ProctorExam instance is only available on our Pro Plan. Seats must be purchased in advance of your exam - Please use the chat widget on platform to talk to us about proctoring.
From the dashboard go to Administration to create a new exam
Select the type of exam you'd like to create (Probably record and review) then fill in the settings and configuration for the exam.
  • Exam Name: Name of the exam or test.
  • First Start Time: The time from which the access to the exam becomes open. From that time, candidates can start their setup.
  • Last Start Time: This is the time from which the access to the exam is closed. ProctorExam recommends at least 30 minutes between First and Last start time.
  • Duration (in minutes): Duration of the exam. (Optional) This time will be visible on the ProctorExam tab. The candidate will receive an alert when the time is almost up ('5 minutes', '1 minute' then 'time up'). The candidate will not be excluded from the test if the counter reaches 0, but the Reviewers will mark this as suspicious behaviour.
  • Include mobile camera?: This option allows a second camera (mobile phone camera) to be used. The students will be required to download the ProctorExam app. We strongly recommend using this option for maximum security.
  • Students upload exam?: Set this option to 'YES' if the students need to upload exam document(s) on ProctorExam. If exams are to be saved/uploaded on an external site or program, then you should set this option to 'NO'.
  • Global reviewing? (Premium account only): This option allows the exam to be reviewed by the reviewers of other institutes.Please note that ProctorExam can also Review exams. For more information click here.
Once saved and progressed add in Instructions for reviewers and students in the following pages.
  • Student Instructions: Instructions to be shown to students as they are in the last window just before they start the exam. These instructions are the same for all students
  • Reviewer Instructions: Instructions for review team who are watching the footage, include things like 'student is allowed to leave the camera during the exam break'
  • Individual Information: Unique information provided for the student just before the exam (want to include their exam link here.
Once your exam is set up, it's time to import your student list. Before your do this exams on Synap will need to be set up and user exam links generated see our help doc on creating exams and exporting user exam links
When you have a set of users and exam links you need to add them to ProctorExam, do this one by one or via a CSV, clicking the "?" hotspot next to import student takes you to this page with the required template. The required columns are:
  • name
  • e-mail - Note Synap exports field as email this needs to be modified
  • individual info put the students exam link here
🚨 The order of these columns matters keep it as name, e-mail, individual info
Once your list is formatted in the right way upload it into ProctorExam, and send out the emails when you are ready

💡 Top tip

HTML can be imported in the individual info you may want to use the below snippet and add target = "_blank" to make sure their exam link opens in a new tab - as they need to keep the proctor window open throughout. More on html links
<p>exam link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
See download template and example of HTML formatted individual info here
ProctorExam goes into more detail in their docs and video walkthrough below.