What is a Synap Ambassador and how do I sign up?

A Synap Ambassador is anyone who could spread the word of Synap by encouraging others to buy a medical students bundle and can earn £5 per referral for their efforts. 

As a Synap Ambassador, you will have their own unique link (URL) to give out to friends, and if people use this link, they will be able to get 20% off any medical student bundle! In return, we will reward you with £5 for every person who signs up!

Sound good? Sign up here and continue reading for more information.


Who can I offer my referral code to?

Your Ambassador URL can given to anyone, and offers them 20% off any paid plan for life! You can share it with your closest medical friends, other students in your year, every year of your medical school, medical societies, medical students you know from other universities...the list goes on! 

If you run a blog or website, you can even link to Synap with your unique URL and any visitors who join from that link, will be counted towards your referrals!

Every single person that signs up to a paid plan will earn you £5 per referral so spread the love!


How to find and share your unique Ambassador URL

  1. Once you have created a Synap Ambassador account, go to synap.getambassdor.com/login

  2. Log in using your email and password you signed up with to become an Ambassador. When starting out, your dashboard will look similar to this:

3. At the top, is you will see your very important campaign URL that you can give to anyone. This link is unique to you and only you and when someone use it, the 20% discount for Synap will automatically be applied.

4. Lower down, you will see your campaign financial details. As more people sign up using your unique URL, you'll see these numbers rise! 

5. To share your unique URL, you have 4 easy options to post on social media. We've automatically added a message to save you the effort of writing one each time, but please feel free to edit and customise them. Just click on an icon, check the message and add a recipient (if necessary), then confirm the action. Remember, you can also manually send your unique URL via SMS, WhatsApp and Snapchat if you'd prefer!

6. You can also click on 'stats' and 'commissions' on the menu on the right to find out more detail about the share, clicks, who has signed up and your revenue for your campaign.


Try out your unique URL and see what your friends will see when getting their discount

  1. Copy and paste your unique URL into your web browser.

   2. We will automatically verify the discount code and you / your friend will see these  checks in quick succession:

3. They will then automatically be directed to the Synap Store and be informed that they have 20% off.

4. When they click on a question package, the discount will automatically be shown for monthly and yearly plans.

5. They will then be able to review their order and again, see that the 20% discount has been applied. Remember, they can trial their bundle for free for 7 days (before their card will be charged)!
They will still need to enter their card details for the free trial and if they decide it's not for them, they must cancel before the end of the 7 days.

6. They then enter their email address and card details which are processed securely.

7. If the person is new to Synap, they will need to register and make an account. If they have a registered account, they will need to log in.
If they close this page, the payment will not be processed (and they will not be charged) until they have signed up or logged in so please remind people to make an account!

8. Once they have signed up or logged in, the payment will be complete and they can try their 7 day free trial of their chosen package.  You'll soon see the money you've earned after they've paid - happy days!


If you have any queries or campaign ideas that you'd like to share with other Ambassadors, please feel free to contact Manisha, our Education Manager, at manisha@synap.ac

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