As a Synap Ambassador, the easiest way to share your unique discount URL and push the 20% discount off our Oxford University Press medical questions into the world is through written text. This could be sent in any shape or form: as an email, Facebook posts, summaries on websites, SMS or posters.

Text is great but to make your post really stand out to your friends or users is to add an eye-catching image to accompany the text. Once you have written your post, follow these 6 simple steps to access and add Synap pictures.


  1. Log in to your Synap Ambassador account and you will be directed to your Ambassador Dashboard.
  2. Click on 'Assets' on the left hand side menu. 

3. You will see all images that we have uploaded for Ambassadors to use freely. You can scroll up and down and click on the different pages at the bottom to see all the images.

4. To preview an image, click on the image.

5. To download an image, click on a picture to preview and click 'download'.

6. The image should now be downloaded and saved for you to use as many times as you want! You can then go on to download more images and add whichever image to support your text. 



Is there a limit to how many times I can use the image?
There is no limit - you can use any image as many times as you want for your own Ambassador campaign.

Is there a limit to how many images I can use?
Again no, you can use as many images - all of them if you want! - to support your campaign text.

Can I print out the images?
Yes you can print out the images to promote your Ambassador campaign. Previously, Ambassadors have often printed out images and made them into flyers, posters and cards with their discount codes written on. This has been a handy way for med students (particularly Freshers) to keep a physical copy of the Synap offer and discount code - a handy reminder when the exam panic sets in!

May I edit the size of the image?
Yeah sure - if you deem the image to be too big for your method of promoting, you can edit the size of the image to make it more suitable.

I have a cool suggestion for an image. Who should I contact?
If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to contact Manisha, our Education Manager, at

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