Before you upload: 

Put your questions into our template with the column headers:

 Question; Correct Answer 1; Correct Answer 2; Correct Answer 3; Correct Answer 4; Correct Answer 5; Incorrect Answer 1; Incorrect Answer 2; Incorrect Answer 3; Incorrect Answer 4; Incorrect Answer 5; Feedback; Image Url; Feedback Image Url; tags; 

(without the ‘ ; ’)

 This can be done in Google Sheets or Excel.

Save your sheet as a CSV (.csv)

How to upload your CSV:

Go to ‘create a quiz’ at the top of your Synap home page.

Add a description for your quiz and tags, you can decide if you want your quiz visible to everyone or if you want it private. Then continue to ‘Upload CSV’

Case 1: Questions with one correct answer

This is the simplest and most effective format for MCQs. Make sure your fields match up and your question matches up to the answers. 

Make sure there is a green tick by the correct answer. You can preview different questions in your upload by clicking change.

If everything is correct continue to Begin import.

Case 2: Multiple correct answers 

If your questions have multiple correct answers you may need to add more fields and name them. Make sure there is a green tick next to all your correct answers and if there is not just click next to it.

If everything is correct continue to begin upload.

Case 3: Questions and feedback with images

If your questions come with images that are on your computer or that do not have link you will need to upload them to a space where you can get a URL that ends in .jpg .png .gif. 

For example I uploaded my image to pinterest.

Once you have a URL fill in the fields of your sheet.

When you are uploading make sure the ‘Question Image’ and ‘Feedback Image’ fields are present. If everything is correct then continue to begin import.

Once your import is complete you will receive an email notifying you if there are any problems with the formatting that have prevented the upload they will be stated in the email.

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