This page lets you change what your portal looks like. The fields are mostly self-explanatory but here's a brief overview of where each item appears:

Logo: Your main logo, displayed in the top left hand corner of your portal. Suggested dimensions at least 80 pixels wide and 40 pixels high. PNG/JPG/SVG supported. 

Square Logo: Used in certain areas of the site where the full logo can't be displayed. Suggested dimensions at least 40x40 pixels. PNG/JPG/SVG supported. 

Favicon: A small image to identify your site in browser tabs (see example below). 16x16 pixels. PNG/SVG/ICO supported. 

Primary colour: Used in headings, borders etc

Secondary colour: Used mostly in backgrounds

The easiest way to see where your primary and secondary colours are used is by setting them first and then viewing a few pages of your portal. 

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