This page lets you add custom attributes to your portal's users. Common examples include people's job title or location. By adding this data here, it means that it will be displayed on profiles and analytics reports. 

To add a custom attribute, first click 'Add First Attribute' (or 'Add Attribute' if you already have some), and you will be presented with the following form:

Label: What is the data you are collecting? i.e. Department ID, Job Title, Location

Type: In what format are you collecting it? You can choose from text (freely entered), numeric, true/false or a drop-down (Select From) list that you define. If you choose 'Select From', an additional box will appear where you can type your options. 

Description (optional): A brief description of the attribute

As question (optional): When collecting this data, if you would rather pose it as a question you can phrase it here. If you leave this field blank, people will just see the attribute label instead. 

You can then also add this data to be collected when users sign up in Registration Settings. 

NOTE: Remember to press the green 'tick' button to add your attribute BEFORE pressing 'Save changes', otherwise you will be presented with an error. 

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