When you log on you'll be at your dashboard from here you want to go to your Library. Your Library is where all your wonderful content is stored, everything from videos to notes to quizzes and your courses are here. 

Tests: Build multiple choice question quizzes from here
Notes: Notes are shot bits of text that you can make within the portal
Everything from videos, documents, pdfs, presentations, audio

The accumulation of pieces of content from your library

Once you have uploaded a few items you're ready to build your course. When you click 'Create course' a pop up appears prompting you to name the course and add a short and long description.

Name: Required field you must name your course something to proceed 

Short descriptions: A one to two line summary that should just quickly let people know what the course is.

Long description: A more detailed explanation of what the course is, what its purpose and what people will achieve through the course

Icon: This can be anything you want if you are making many courses it can be helpful to make a template on Canva, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator to keep your course icons looking consistent. Below is an example of the template and dimensions that we use at Synap for our training portal.

Once you are happy with your names, descriptions and Icons you can create your course and start adding items from your library to it.

When adding items to a course you will have to select and fill in some information.

Type: Select what type of content you're uploading, notes, video, quiz, scorm, document, or presentation 

Select x out of type: Pick which item out of the type you selected, ie if you picked a video which of the videos do you want uploaded, Video_1 or Video_2

Title: This is the title that you want your user to see, if you leave it blank the default title that it is uploaded with will be used

Description: What it is/ what to do for example " This is a video, watch the video there will be questions at the end". If you leave this blank the default description the item was uploaded with will be used 

Once you're happy with your course you can drag and drop the numbers that represent the position of the items to change the order. And when it is finished click 'finish editing' and it's done! you'll find all of your courses in Library>Courses

Happy course making! 

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