Study = On Synap when we say 'Study' we are referring to the topics of questions you have opted to study. Your study lets you track your progress with questions from 'Unseen' to 'Weak' all the way through to 'Mastered'. Spaced Learning also takes questions in your study to create you a tailored quiz based on your strengths and weaknesses 

Collection = The group of Topics that contains questions, on Synap the LPC is a Collection as is the BPTC.

Topic = The group of questions for example on the LPC, PCR 1 is a topic and Wills and Administration of the Estate is a separate topic

How do I use my Study? 

Select the boxes you would like to be in a quiz from your home study page the options are : 

  • Unseen'
  • Weak 
  • Moderate 
  • Strong 
  • Mastered

You can select any box thats value is greater than 0 to be in a quiz and you must select at least one box. 

Tick the boxes you want for questions to be in your Self-practice quiz. Get feedback from each question in practice mode or use exam mode to get questions at the end.
From your study home page you can also turn Spaced Learning on and off as well as adjust the intensity and notification settings 

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