Spaced Repetition is a technique for remembering things more efficiently. We all know that the more frequently you study something, the more likely you are to remember it - and Spaced Repetition theory builds on this by finding the optimal time for you to re-visit a particular piece of information. 

As the 'Forgetting Curve' above shows, when we first learn something, we forget almost all of it just a few days after. However, by reviewing the information at regular intervals, we can greatly improve the amount of knowledge that is retained in long term memory. With Spaced Repetition, you can gradually increase the length of these intervals so that you're effectively 'testing' your memory at each review point, forcing it to work hard to retrieve the information and therefore triggering the formation of new neural pathways so that information retrieval will be easier in future. This is somewhat analogous to weight-training, where the aim is to challenge your body physically to stimulate the creation of new muscle tissue to make the process easier next time. 

Spaced Repetition with Synap

In Synap, we take advantage of Spaced Repetition and several other techniques to optimise your learning. When you create a free Synap account, you'll be given the option to activate Spaced Repetition and choose a 'Study Intensity' level that will determine how many notifications we send you. Each notification will contain a short test with the questions we think you most need to study that day, based on your past performance. 

If you're using Synap via our website, you'll receive an email when a new Spaced Repetition quiz is ready. If you've downloaded our iOS app then we'll send you a push notification to remind you too!

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