Synap is used by a huge range of people from across the world. Just to give some examples, we have school students, professors, accountants, medical students, martial arts instructors and language learners all using it. So, really we say that Synap is aimed at anyone who has a lot to learn in a short amount of time.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format we use lends itself very easily to a lot of science based subjects, so it's not surprising we have a large base of MCQs for medical students, nurses and doctors creating MCQs. However, we've also seen people creating quizzes in the humanities such as English Literature and Philosophy - so really, the sky is the limit!

We have specific 'Classroom' features for teachers and lecturers who wish to use Synap as a part of their curriculum, feel free to check out our Synap Classrooms article if that applies to you. 

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