Practicing Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs) is arguably the core feature of Synap. MCQs are a great way to study in short bursts, and allow you to get instant feedback on your results so that you can improve in the future. With the Synap website and our iOS app, you can study in short bursts throughout the day, and measure your progress in real time. 

On Synap, you can find quizzes to practice in a number of areas. Quizzes you've recommended or created will appear in your Library, you can find new quizzes on your friends' Profile pages, or you can search for quizzes on our Explore page. Finally, the Synap Store allows you to purchase premium MCQs from leading publishers such as Oxford University Press. 

To start a quiz, click on a Quiz Card you're interested in - this will bring up a window with more information about the quiz, and different options on how to proceed. 

At the moment, there are two main ways to take a quiz:

  • Practice Mode: You will be shown the correct answer and feedback after every question
  • Quiz Mode: You will be shown the correct answers at the end of the quiz

Practice mode is great if you're just learning a topic and want instant feedback. Quiz mode is better if you're preparing for an upcoming exam and want to get a realistic picture of your performance. Practice with both modes to get the most out of Synap!. 

When you're taking a quiz, simply choose the correct option(s) and your question will automatically advance. You can also use our Keyboard Shortcuts to make the navigation process even easier.

When you're finished, you will be presented with your overall results. You can tap into these to view more detailed feedback, such as an explanation for each question and further reading resources, if the quiz author has left such information. Some answers may also have an explanatory picture attached to them. 

Finally, you'll be given the option to add questions to your Spaced Repetition queue if you want to, this will tag these questions so we know to send you them in future to help you remember them. 

Each quiz you complete will earn you points which contribute to your Level ranking! It also helps our system learn more about you so that your Spaced Repetition questions and Recommended quizzes will be more accurate. 

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