Questions and quizzes are a great way for you and your users to test their knowledge and see where they need improvement.

Creating Questions in the Library

To create a quiz to be available when creating Courses or Collections, click the 'Library' button in the left-hand menu.

Once the Library opens up, click 'Create or upload'. This will open up a drop down menu, select Quiz.

You will then need to name your quiz, you can also give it a short description. Once you have done this, click 'Save changes'.

Click on the 'Content' button to start adding in questions, then click 'Add Question'

There are 3 sections to the question. The question instruction, the answer options and the feedback. All three sections can include text and/or images

Text/Phrase Based Questions

Type/paste your question then click 'Add phrase' to select the first answer option.

Type/paste your first answer option. You can select any answer to be the correct one by ticking the 'Correct' box below the text box. You can have single or multiple correct answers, select which using the drop down menu at the top of the options section. Once you've made all these selections, click 'Done' to add this option and repeat for between 2 and 8 options.

Finally, add any feedback you would like.

The 'Advanced options' lets you further tailor the questions. The external id is a unique code you can enter for your reference. 'Time in ms' will limit how long users have to complete that question in the timed exam mode. Contact your account manager for assistance with this. 'Layout' changes whether the question appears to the left of or above the answer options. Auto will decide this automatically. You can save at any point during the question editing process using the 'Save' button in the top right-hand corner.

Image Based Questions

Use the image button to add images to the question, answer option and/or the feedback sections.

In the question section you will be able to select where the image and text are positioned using the tool bar circled in the image below. Once you've decided on its position hit the return button on your keyboard or press the return button in the top left corner of the image.

To add image based answer options click the 'Add Image' button to open up the image answer function.

Click the 'Choose' button to upload your selected picture. Similarly to the text answer option you will be able to select the correct answer (again you can choose single or multiple correct)

Finally you can add an image to your feedback using the 'Insert Image' button and format it with the text in the same way as in the question text box.

Hit the save button and you're good to go! You will be able to add these quizzes into your Collections and Courses by selecting the 'Library' option.

For more information on creating Collections, Course and anything else to do with creating your portal, visit our help centre here or contact your account manage

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