Once you have created your courses or collections, you may want to customise your portal even more by designing and uploading cover images for them like so...

Cover images are really useful for providing your learners with a visual representation of the course and to help distinguish between the different types of courses.

Uploading a Default Image

If you find that you want to keep all your cover images the same, you can set a default course/collection card by heading to 'Settings' then 'Branding' in the left-hand navigation bar.

Once you're in the branding section, scroll down until you see 'Default card image' and click on the camera icon in the bottom right-hand corner to upload an image from either your computer, a link (URL), Google Drive or Dropbox.

The image you choose to upload will then automatically appear as the cover for all your courses and collections.

Note: SVGs will not be accepted, JPG and PNG images

Uploading Individual Course Covers

But what if you want each course cover to look slightly different? You can change each individual course cover by heading to 'Courses'. Select 'Edit' on the course which you want to change and right-click on 'Course details'. From there, click on the camera icon and 'Upload image' to select a file to upload.

Image Size

The ideal size for a course/collection card is 490 pixels x 300 pixels. Any smaller and your images may turn out blurry when uploaded.

Tools to Design & Create Images

Adobe Illustrator - If you have access to Illustrator, there are endless possibilities to the images you can create in there.

Canva - A great free alternative to Illustrator. With Canva you can create custom designs with its simple drag-and-drop feature. There are lots of different images, shapes and fonts to play around with as well as being able to upload your own content.

Unsplash - Unsplash is a photo discovery website for free to use, high-definition photos making it perfect for collecting photos for your cover images.

Dribbble - Dribbble is a great website for all kinds of design inspiration. If you really want to get fancy with your course covers, head over to https://dribbble.com/ and discover what designers have been creating recently for some inspo.

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