What is a Collection?

A collection is a set of resources that your users can access at any time. Users do not need to go through them in a particular order or complete a test to access them. They can consist of a combination of videos, audio files, quizzes, notes and documents (such as pdf's). Once you have created your collections you can assign them to different user groups depending on who you want to have access to them. You will be able to access data on how users perform on quizzes as you can when they do quizzes on courses

Setting Up Your Collection

From the home screen of your portal click on the 'Collections' button on the left-hand side of the page:

Next click the 'Create Collection' button at the top right of the page:

You will then be able to give your collection a title, image and short description for users to identify it. Once you've entered this information us click the 'Save Changes' button in the top right of the page:

Once the title page has been saved you can add your videos, documents etc by clicking on 'Items' on the left-hand side of the page. You can move back to your title page if you need to edit it by clicking the 'Collection Details' button just above this 'Items' button:

To add an item click the 'Add Item' button in the top right corner of the page:

You will then be able to give the item a title, image and description. Once you've added these in you can use the grey 'Add Content' button to choose what you would like to add in (videos, documents, quizzes etc)

Organisation and Folders

You can change the order of items in a Collection after you have created it as well as creating folders to group content on the same subject together or to differentiate between different sections. Initially Items will be displayed in the order in which they were created.

To start organising, navigate to the Items section of your Collection and click the Organise button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will change the formate from a card view with images to a list view that just shows the titles of the items in your Collection:

Once you're in this view you can drag and drop the Items to be in your preferred order. Once you make a change a Save button will appear in the top right-hand corner. Click this to save your changes:

Note: If you make a change to the order and then revert back to the original order, the Save button will disappear.

To create folders click Use Folders when you're in the organisation view. This will automatically create one folder title box which you can fill in. To add more folders use the Add folder button at the bottom of your items list. You can drag and drop both the items and the folder title boxes to organise the items. Items below a folder title box will be in that folder. Once you hit Save you will be taken back to the standard Collection view and will see the Item's under their respective folder titles.

This is how the folders will display to your users.

Once they Open the folder they will see the Items as normal:

If you need further assistance with creating a collection or the items within them, ask your account manager.

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