As an admin, you have the ability to customise various aspects of your portal to how you want it to look for both yourself and your users. Changing the colours and images on the portal is a great way to maintain your branding, allowing users to easily associate the portal with your company.

To upload your logo to the portal, use the left-hand navigation menu to go to 'settings' near the bottom of the page.

Once in the settings menu, click on 'Branding' to view the page where you can customise your portal's look.

Ideally, your logo should be 300px wide by 100 px with a transparent background and saved as a .png file to ensure it is clear. The square logo should be 100px by 100px again, with a transparent background. The same image can be used for the 'favicon'.

Changing the Colours

There are three main colour options you will want to alter in the branding menu.

The primary colour changes the colour of the icons in the left-hand navigation bar, the icons on the dashboard and the colour of the header on each page.

The primary button colour changes the colour of the button shown on the registration page, as well as the 'start assignment' button users will see when beginning an assignment they have been set.

The secondary button colour changes the colour of buttons shown for all assignments, courses and mocks.

Customising the Registration Page

The first page your users are going to see is the registration page, so it's important that you make a good first impression with your portal. To customise this page, you want to click on setting in the left-hand navigation bar as shown previously. You then want to go to 'Registration'.

The title should be a simple welcome message like 'Welcome to the [insert brand name] learning portal. In the description box, you can give more information about your company, such as company values and your main message. This will appear under the title on the registration page. You can also customise the appearance of the text using the description box.

Further down this page, you can upload your own background image which should be 1450px by 800px. Just be mindful that the left-hand side of the image will be covered by the login page. You can also, change the colour of the header which appears behind your logo, as well as the border colour below your logo.

Branding Emails

To customise the emails that get sent out for invites and updates, head to the 'emails' section within settings.

Once in this section, you can alter the sender name to your organisation's name, change the Synap logo to your own logo and insert your own text for the welcome email subject and the email body.

Saving Changes

To ensure that all your changes have been saved, make sure to click on the 'save' button in the top right-hand corner after making any amendments. Once you have saved you will need to refresh your browser to view any changes to the portal.

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