Once you've got a course and a group that you want to take that course you need to assign it. Note that an assignment is a snapshot of the course at the moment that it's assigned. Changing the course after it has been assigned will not change the assignment for the user. If you update the course you would need to reassign it to the user groups for them to get an updated version.

Step 1: Set up the assignment

Use the left hand navigation menu to go to the assignments page and click 'Set assignment'

Step 2: Assignment target

Select the course that you'd like to assign and the user group you'd like to assign it to.

Note that it is membership in a user group that decides what assignments a user sees. You can assign a course to an empty group, and members added into the group after the assignment is created will also get the assignment

Step 3: Assignment criteria

Now you need to decide the setting of the assignment, to edit these click the 'Edit' button.

Deadline- Indefinite: Users can take however long they need to complete the Assignment

Exact Date: Users have until an exact date to finish for (GDPR course to be complete by May 25th 2017

Relative to Start: From when the users click 'Start Assignment' they have x days to complete it

Spaced Learning: Whether or not you want users to get spaced learning quizzes created by the algorithms in our system to help them get to a passmark or prepare for an exam. For more information about spaced learning check out this article

Completion Criteria: A criteria to pass the assessment if "Assessment" is enabled.

Assessment: If this is enabled then you need to pick an assessment test or quiz that people need to take in order to complete the assignment. Select a pass mark for this, if Spaced Learning is enabled then the system will generate them quizzes based on what they did wrong and what they could have done better in order to get them to that pass mark.

Manual Review: Whether or not an educator will manually check the progress of the user or submitted documents to pass or fail them. Those users waiting review will appear on the educators dashboard

Certificate: An pregenerated certificate upon course completion that has the course cover, title, and learners name on it. Contact your account manager for more options

When you are happy with the settings click 'Activate assignment' if there are a large number of users in a group it may take a few moments to assign.

Step 4: View Assignment

If you have assigned the course to a group that you as an admin have membership to you can switch to 'study mode' to view the assignment as a user would see it.

Your course is live and you can view progress from the assignments page

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