This article outlines the most common actions that we recommend people take once they have set up a Synap Enterprise account.

Your account manager will be in touch throughout the whole process if you have any questions.

1) Configure Custom Domain

If you want your Synap Portal to be accessed from a custom domain on your own website, please review this article and then get in touch with us.

2) Brand Assets & Guidelines

In order to ensure that your Synap Portal matches your brand, please provide us with high quality (ideally vector format) logos, as well as any brand guidelines you have available.

3) Payment Gateway & Store Set Up

If you plan on selling any of your materials online, we will need to configure a payment gateway and storefront for you. Our preferred payment provider is Stripe, but we can also integrate with PayPal.

Once you have a Stripe account, please speak to us so that we can configure it to your needs.

4) Whitelisting

If people will be accessing Synap behind a corporate or academic firewall, we recommend whitelisting

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