Notes are a great way to add instructions and help guides to a course or collection. Notes support Rich Text, images, videos, gifs and equations.

One of the benefits of using notes is that you can get a continuous scroll on the platform giving your users more freedom to read than some documents or presentations.

Creating a note

Either from the Library, Course Builder or collection builder select 'Note' as the content you want to create.

Add in a name and short description for your note then save and navigate to 'content' using the left-hand submenu.

Using the Rich Text editor

Formatting text

The Rich Text editor lets you add, edit and format your notes. You can make your text bold, italic and underlined using the toolbar at the top of the note editor, as well as being able to align your text and add bullet points.

Inserting tables

You can add tables to your notes by using the 'Insert table' button and selecting how many rows and columns you'd like.

Use the table settings to insert and delete rows, columns and headers.

Formulae and equations

You can now add in chemistry formulae and math equations to your notes with the Rich Text editor. Use either of the buttons circled below to get started. Once you have created your formula or equation, press the insert button to add it into your note as a whole.

Note: you will not be able to edit the formula once it is in your note. Any edits need to be made in the MathType/ChemType box.

Inserting media

Uploading images from your laptop

You can upload images directly from your laptop using the 'Insert image' icon.

Once you have found and selected your image to upload. you can resize using the corners, align the image left, right or centre and add alt text if the image fails to load on a user's screen.

Inserting media from a URL

If the image or video is on your website, you can use Chrome inspect by right-clicking on your web page while browsing in Chrome then selecting 'Inspect'. Find the image you would like to use and copy the source URL. Then head to the note editor and select the image icon. Once you paste in your image URL it should appear in the editor available for resizing.

Preview & Save

Preview your note in the note builder and when it's complete save. It will be saved to your library where you can add it into courses or collections

Your note is now ready to be dropped into a course. For more information on making and assigning courses, check out our help guides

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