Synap gives you the ability to scale your online training, one of the most important ways to do this is to leverage Educators.

Educators can oversee various student groups on the platform. They can mark work, view results, respond to manual review requests. This article is going to

Note: If you don't want an educator to moderate everything by default you may need to remove them from the default educators group.

Remembering that there are 3 types of users on Synap:

Students = End- users or 'learners' on the portal. They do not have access to the dashboard, cannot create courses or change settings . They use the portal to complete assignments, access collections and take exams.

Admins = Have administrator access to manage the portal. Admins can control and change all aspects of the portal, including branding, user management and course creation. We recommend you keep the number of admins small.

Educators = Managers/Teachers it is their responsibility to keep an eye on students. Educators moderate select groups of students and can see their progress, reinstate material and do data exports on those groups. Educators cannot manage global settings like admins can or see students who are in other groups they don’t moderate.

If you’d like to learn more about groups and permissions check out this help article

Setting up Educators

Step 1: Creating an Educators group

As an Admin go to your user group page, where you’ll see your default groups and click "Create group"

When you are creating your Educator group make sure you name it something that you can identify easily (ie teachers, educators, moderators). In this example we're going to call our educator group 'Crunchem Educators'.

Give the group the following settings:

Type = Educators

Moderators = Educators

Add in the users you’d like to be Educators, in this example our educator is called Jennifer Honey and she's an existing user we're upgrading to educator. You can add existing users or invite new (how to invite users to a group)

Step 2: Creating a specific students group for your educators

Now you need to create a student group that is going to be moderated by your educators, follow the usual process for making a students group more information and steps in this help article.

This group is going to be called 'Crunchem Students'. Make sure you have this group moderated by the new educator group (Crunchem Educators) and add in the relevant students.

Once you've added students into that group and assigned a course or given access to a collection, The educators will be able to see all of the results and progress for students in that group.

Below is what the Educator (Miss Honey) will see when she logs in

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