Using Your Study

On your home page, you will find an overview of your study. Your study lets you track your progress with questions from 'Unseen' to 'Weak' all the way through to 'Mastered'. Spaced Learning also takes questions in your study to create a tailored quiz based on your strengths and weaknesses.

How it Works

Your study is where you can choose which questions you want to focus on, depending on which topics you need to practice or which exams you have coming up. You can choose new books and quizzes to add to your study items through the Library page.

Adding and Removing Items From Your Study

You can add and remove items from your study from the Library. If the graduation hat in the top-right hand corner of a topic is grey then it means it is not in your study. To add it to your study, click the hat icon to turn it blue and it will now be in your study. To remove the item from your study, simple click the hat again to turn it grey.

Alternatively, you can also remove items from your study from the home page by heading to 'study items' next to 'study overview'. From here you can remove individual items by clicking on the blue graduation hats.

If you have lots of items you want to remove, you can select 'Remove All' from the top-right hand corner, which will remove all of the non-fixed items in your study.

Spaced Learning

What is Spaced Learning?

Spaced Learning is a system developed by Synap to help individuals learn information and recall it in the long term.

How Does Spaced Learning Work?

Synap's algorithm automatically decides which questions you need to see on a particular day and creates a personalised quiz based on those questions. That quiz is then sent to you via email or push notification depending on the preferences you have selected. The aim of this is for you to prove that you can recall information from your long term-memory until it is mastered. (Read more about spaced learning here)

Activating Spaced Learning

You can activate the spaced learning feature by clicking on the settings icon in the top-right hand corner of the Spaced learning box on your Home page.

Ensure 'Enabled' is checked and select your preferred study intensity; light, moderate or high. Depending on which intensity you choose, you will get asked between 5 and 25+ questions a day.

Taking a Quiz

There are a few different ways to take a quiz within the platform. We'll discuss each method in the next part of the article.


You can take a quiz based on the items in your study. To add questions to your self-practice, simply check the box for each level of questions you would like to practice from 'Unseen' to 'Mastered' and select 'Prepare quiz' to select your settings.

You then have the option to take the quiz in practice mode or exam mode. In practice mode, you will receive feedback after submitting each question. In exam mode, the results will only be shown after you've answered all of the questions within the quiz. Another way you can customise your quiz is by changing the length. Choose between a quick quiz, a long quiz an extra-long quiz and all of the questions in your study depending on how much time you have. Select 'Generate quiz' to get started!

Spaced Learning

As mentioned previously, the spaced learning quiz is a short quiz based on which questions the algorithm thinks you need to practice more. Change your study intensity between light (5-10 questions day), moderate (15-20 questions a day) and high (25+ questions a day). Simply select 'Take quiz' and choose between practice and exam mode to get started.

Specific Topics

To take a quiz about a specific topic, either head to your study items page (if the topic is within your study items) and select the 'Go to quiz' arrow within the Actions section. Alternatively, head to your the Library where you can browse the complete series. Select which topic and section you would like to practice questions on and start quizzing!

Quiz Controls

To navigate between questions, use the grey arrow buttons in the bottom left-hand corner.

Submitting Questions

To submit your answer, simply select 'Mark Question' after selecting an answer for each question.

Skipping Questions

Skipped questions are questions that you have not submitted an answer for. You may have navigated past the question without answering it, or you may have answered the question but not submitted your answer.

If you advance through the questions without selecting and marking the question, the quiz will notify you that you have skipped X amount of questions. In practice mode, you will not be able to submit the quiz unless you first submit all of your answers.

In exam mode, you will be able to submit your quiz even if you have skipped questions. Once you have selected 'Finish' quiz, a warning box will prompt you with the number of questions you have skipped. You will be able to submit your quiz anyway or cancel and navigate back to those questions to submit them.

Flagging Questions

You can flag questions that you think are incorrect for any reason. To flag a question, select the arrow on the right-hand side of the screen. Select 'Flag question', write your comment and 'Plant flag' to submit your flag to the Synap team. You will also be able to see if anyone else has previously flagged the same question within the 'Flags' tab.

Need More Help?

Get in touch via our chatbot in the bottom right-hand side of the screen and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as they can 🙂

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