When creating an assignment, you can now choose whether to activate a custom certificate for your learners to receive upon completion of the assignment. If you are unsure what an assignment is, please read our useful help guide explaining how assignments are used on the platform.

How it Works

This is very similar to how your certificate will look. Anything circled in pink is interchangeable and the data will be pulled in from your Portal. For example, the image at the top of the certificate will be replaced with whatever image is assigned to your course. The area where it says 'John Smith' will display the name of the person who has completed the assignment. 'GDPR' will be replaced with the course title you assigned and the correct date will automatically be selected. Finally, instead of the Synap logo, your company logo will appear which should already be uploaded in the branding section of your portal.

Adding a Certificate

To add a certificate to an assignment, you first need to begin creating your assignment.

Once you have chosen which course you would like to assign and which users you would like to assign it to, press next and you will come across a box that looks like the one below. Select the 'Edit' button to customise your assignment.

You will then be in the settings screen for your assignment. To ensure that there is a certificate at the end of the assignment, you want to scroll down to where it says 'Certificate' and check the 'Enabled' box. This will now ensure that there is a custom certificate at the end of the course.

Downloading the Certificate

In order for your learner to download and receive their certificate, they need first complete their assignment. At the end of their assignment, it will display a screen similar to the one below. To get their certificate, they need to select 'Download certificate of completion'. This will open up the certificate as a PDF in a new browser which they will be able to download from there.

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