What are Pages

Pages refer to the different 'areas' of your Synap portal. They are shown and accessed via the icons in the left-hand menu of the portal.

This article will explain what each page is and how to change the name and order of these for different user types

What are the Different Pages

Here is a list of what each Page is/does along with a screenshot of it from the Admin view:

Dashboard - This is where you can track your users and is the first page that opens when you log in. It is the TV symbol in the left-hand menu:

User Groups - This is where you can see all the different User Groups you have created, create new ones and add/remove users to existing groups. You can also find users to check their progress, reset password etc. It is the icon with three people in the left-hand menu. You can find more info on User Groups in these articles - Users and Groups.

Library - This is where all the items (quizzes, notes, videos etc) are held. You can also create items here. It is the open folder icon in the left-hand menu. There is more info on the Library in this article - How to Use your Library.

Courses - This is where you can create and edit your Courses. It is the tick/line icon in the left-hand menu. You can find more info here - How to Create a Course.

Assignments - This is where you set Assignments and view users progress on them. It is the clipboard icon in the left-hand menu. There is more information about Assignments here - How to Assign a Course.

Collections - This is where you can create and edit collections. It is the icon with two squares within a larger square in the left-hand menu. There is more information on Collections here - Creating a Collection.

Packages - This feature will be phased out soon but is the book icon on the left-hand menu.

Shop - Some Synap plans come with a simple, custom store front (example below). Contact your account manager if this is something you are interested in.

This is page is where you manage that storefront. The icon is the shopping basket in the left-hand menu.

Accessing the Pages Menu

To organise your Pages click the Settings tab in the left-hand menu and then select the Pages option:

The first thing you will see is a drop down menu titled 'User type'. This indicates which user type you want to change the Pages for. So if you select Admin you will be changing what you as an Admin see but not what Students or Educators see. After selecting your user type the list of your Pages will appear. The green ticks indicate the pages that the selected user type can see:

You can change the order of the Pages in the left-hand menu simply by dragging and dropping the names of the Pages. Once you've got the Pages in your desired order, click the Save button that will appear in the top right-hand corner. After doing this you will be prompted to refresh your browser to reflect the changes. You will then be taken back to the 'User type' drop down menu page:

To edit individual pages click anywhere on the name, tick or right arrow. This will bring up a 'Page label' text box, 'Enabled' tick box and 'Description' text box. To change the name of the Page for the selected user type, enter your preferred name in the 'Page label' text box. Unticking the 'Enabled' tick box will remove that Page from the left-hand menu so that user type can't see or access it. Again any changes made will cause the 'Save' button to appear and you will need to refresh to see the changes:

Adding a description into the 'Description' text box will cause a small question mark icon to appear next to the Page title when that page is open. Hovering over the question mark icon will make your description pop up:

This should cover anything you need to do to the Pages. If you have any further questions please contact your account manager.

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