Comments and Internal Reviews

You can access the Manual Reviews, Comments and Internal Reviews in two different ways. The first way is via the Assignment (Comments, Internal Reviews and Manual Reviews are only used on Assignments). Select the Assignment icon from the left-hand menu then click View on the Assignment you would like to look at. You will then see a pie chart showing how many users not started, are in progress or completed the Assignment and below that a list of the users with more detailed information. To access the Manual Reviews, Comments and Internal Reviews click on a users name, underlined and highlighted in blue.

The second way to find the Manual Reviews, Comments and Internal Reviews for a particular user is via the user, just look for them via the User Groups menu. You can find detailed instructions on how to do that in this article - Finding Out More About Your Users. Both methods will take you to a graph of that users engagement on the Assignment (end of gif above). Below that is each item in that Assignment, you will see the Manual Reviews, Comments and Internal Reviews buttons here.

Manual Reviews

Manual Reviews require an admin to review a users Assignment before the user can progress. There are two types of Manual Review. The first is for the Assignment as a whole and is toggled on and off when setting the Assignment. You can find detailed instructions on how to set an Assignment, including how to toggle the Manual Review, in this article - How to Assign a Course

The second type of Manual Review is for a particular item in an Assignment. This is set when you create the Course so you must do this before you set the Assignment. Once you have created your Course (How to Create a Course) click on the item you want to be manually reviewed, the item will expand and a cog icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of the expanded box. This is the Advanced Options menu. Tick the box labelled 'Manual review required' to turn the Manual Review on for that item. After clicking 'Update' the mini menu will disappear and you will just need to click Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the expanded item box:

Once the user completes the item (in this case a quiz) they will see that it is 'Pending review':

On the user Assignment progress page, the item you have set to Manual Review will have a 'Please review' notice on it in blue. You can click the 'Results' button to check their answers. If you're happy with them click on the 'Approve' button and the user will receive an email telling them that their item has been approved and that they can continue with the Assignment. If not then you can leave a Comment with further instructions.

Comments and Internal Reviews

A Comment is a message sent to a particular user attached to a particular item. You will only be able to leave a Comment once the user has started the Assignment and users won't be able to see the Comments after they have submitted. To leave a Comment, simply click the 'Comment' button, type your message and hit 'Send':

This is how the message will be viewed by the user:

If they respond then their response will appear below your original message:

An Internal Review is a message for other admins attached to a particular item for a particular student. Again just click 'Set internal review', type your message and hit 'Save'. For Internal Reviews you can also upload files:

Once you refresh the page or if another Admin looks at it, the 'Set internal review' button will have changed to say 'View internal review'. It will also be highlighted in blue:

Click on the 'View internal review' button to see the note. You can delete it, respond to it or upload a file.

Further help articles can be found by following this link - or by clicking the question mark icon in the left-hand menu, circled in blue below:

For further assistance you can use the blue chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to speak to one of the support team.

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