To give a particular User Group access to a Collection head first to the Collections section of the platform by clicking the person icon in the left-hand menu. Then click 'Edit' on the Collection you want to grant access to:

Next, click the Access button in the Collection menu. You will then see any User Groups which already have access to the Collection. If no User Groups have been given access to the Collection you will see this image:

To grant access to a User Group click Add user groups, in the top right-hand corner. This will bring up a list of the available groups as well as a search box you can use to type in the name of the group you want to give access to. Once you've found the group you want to give access to, click on the name and then the Give Access button which will appear toward the right of the screen. You will be asked to confirm your selection, simply click Confirm and you will see the group appear in the list:

You can also revoke access to the Collection in the Access menu. Just click the Revoke Access button on the group card, again you will be asked to confirm your decision.

Prevent Access

If you want users to be able to see that an Item is in a Collection, but not access it, then you can Prevent Access to it. This can be handy if you have a schedule of lessons that you want users to keep to and not get ahead. In the Item menu you will see all your Items displayed with a drop down menu:

Select this and you will able to Delete the Item, Disable Add to Study (see section below) or Prevent Access. Selecting Prevent Access will cause an eye icon with a line through to appear on the Item card:

From a users perspective Preventing Access will still mean the Item card is displayed but instead of the View button, there will be a faded 'Coming Soon' label:

To Allow Access simply follow the same steps as above, on the drop down menu Prevent Access will have been replaced with Allow Access.

Disable Add to Study

For Quiz Items you will also be able to use the drop down menu to Disable Add to Study. Selecting this means that users will be able to take the quiz in the Collection but they won't be able to add the questions in it to their study for Self Practice or Spaced Learning quizzes. This is something you will need to do if you're wanting the questions to be used for an exam only

You can learn more about the Study in this article - Spaced Learning

You can find out more about Collections in this article - Creating a Collection

Further help articles can be found by following this link - or by clicking the question mark icon in the left-hand menu, circled in blue below:

For further assistance you can use the blue chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to speak to one of the support team.

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