To get meaningful insights from questions, or set up exam generation rules questions need to be tagged.

Use tags to identify and group questions. Depending on your use case tags can be used to show:

  • Topics

  • Difficulty

  • Type

Set tags to be anything you like and questions can have any amount of tags. If you need help with tags or would like to talk through the options then get in touch with us using the chat.

Tags in the editor

Create a new quiz for your tagged questions. If you’re building questions through the editor on platform then you’ll ned to add each tag in manually within the editor.

Selecting ‘Tags’ in the question editor as you start typing a tag if it already exists it will pop up. If you’re making a new one you can create it within here.

Saving this question and quiz will create a tag viewable in the tag manager of the admins settings page.

Importing Questions with Tags

If you’re making questions on a sheet, you can use the ‘Tags’ Column to add in tags. Multiple tags need to be separated by a comma. In the example below a few different types of tags have been used. Synap can mark questions based on tags, this may be helpful for sectioning an exam.

Once your question sheet is finished and the tags are in place. Upload it to the platform. Help article on using the question importer

Make sure the field mappings are correct before you import and that the ‘Tags’ column has been picked up. If you don’t see the tags in the mapping they won’t be picked up. In the question preview select the drop down arrows to check the tags are correct.

Once you’ve created the questions you can export them at any time to edit them, and get the unique question Synap IDs.

Managing Tags

Depending on what you’re using tags for there may be some tags you want publicly visible and others that you want hidden. In our example we have a tags that show

Topic : chemistry, geography, biology

Type: comprehension, abstract_reasoning

Section: section_1, section_2, section_3

Type and topic are useful for users to know, but section is probably something that only admins need to see / know about as it pertains to the generation of an exam. As an Admin I can manage what tags users can see. This is where the Tag Manager comes in. Go to Settings > Tags

Navigate the tag pages or search for your tags (remembering they are case sensitive) by default tags will not be visible to students. If you wish to change this use the edit button and set to visible to students = Yes. This will save when you click the tick

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