Create User Group

Before bulk generating user accounts you will need to create a user group on your platform. If you haven't done this already and are unsure on how to, there is a step by step guide in this article - How to Make a Group

Synap Analytics Site

Once you have created your user group, you will need to use the Synap Analytics site, to bulk generate the user accounts. After following this link you will be taken to the Sign In page, enter the log in details you use for the platform to sign in:

Next, click the Users drop down menu to bring up a list of your user groups, then select the group you want to generate new users in:

Click on the Generate Users button at the top of the page, a pop up will appear with a link to download a template to enter your users emails, names and passwords. You can also access this template via this link - Account Generation Template

Creating a CSV File

If you already have a spreadsheet with the names, emails and passwords on, you can simply copy the information into the template. Double the check the spellings of names and emails and make sure passwords are at least 8 characters long, with one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Once you've either copied the information in or manually typed it up, your spreadsheet should look something like this:

Once you have your sheet at this stage you can create your csv file. Click on File, Download and finally Comma separated values (.csv, current sheet). The csv will be downloaded to your computer.

Head back to the analytics site with the Generate Accounts pop open, click the Choose file button and select the csv. file you have just downloaded. After you have chosen the file, click Generate Accounts.

If everything on the csv is correct you will get this message and your accounts will be generated within 10 minutes or so (the more users, the longer it will take). You will also get an email letting you know it has been done. Once you have received this you will be able to see the users in the user group on the platform. You may need to refresh your browser for it to update.

If there are any issues with the csv you will get an error message (not enough characters in the passwords for example). Most of these are pretty self explanatory but if you need any assistance with this or anything else in this process you can use the blue chat widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to send the team a message or email your account manager.

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