If you're a Synap Premium subscriber, you may have noticed the 'Control Center' when you visit the Spaced Repetition page (https://synap.ac/spaced-repetition whilst logged in). 

On the left hand side of this screen are a set of 'Revision Controls' which you can use to customise what questions appear in your Spaced Repetition quizzes, and how often you receive them. 

General Options

Activate: Fairly self-explanatory, this lets you turn Spaced Repetition on or off. 

Intensity: Currently there are three Intensity Levels that determine how frequently you receive a Spaced Repetition quiz. Level 1 is Weekly, and Level 3 is Daily. We recommend setting it to a level you can reasonably achieve for the best results!

Auto-add questions: When turned ON, Synap will automatically add questions to your Spaced Repetition list when you take a quiz. You can manually remove questions later if things that are not relevant keep appearing.

Match new questions: When turned to ON, Synap will proactively look for questions that are similar to ones you've studied in the past, and add them to your Spaced Repetition list. Choose this option if you haven't practiced many quizzes on Synap yet, and would like to 'bootstrap' your Spaced Repetition list quickly. 


Filters let you specify which questions appear in your Spaced Repetition. 

Tags: When authors create a quiz, they can specify a number of tags to help categorise it, such as 'Medicine', 'GCSE' or 'Maths'. Enter a few tags here and we will add matching quizzes into your Spaced Repetition list. 

Playlists / Packages / Topics: This lets you specify a number of Playlists, Store Packages or Chapters to draw content from. Playlists are a new Synap feature that lets you bundle several quizzes together. Packages and Topics refer to units of content purchased through the Synap Store. Use these filters to create a custom Spaced Repetition list that is perfectly tailored to your upcoming exams!

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