Sometimes, you have multiple quizzes on a similar topic, and you want to group them together for easy access or sharing. Playlists let you do just that!

To create a playlist, just go to the Home / Playlists page and click 'Create a playlist' in the top right hand corner. You will then be prompted to enter a name, and can change other details later. 

Playlist Visibility (Synap Premium only)

By default, playlists are Public (they can be viewed by anyone). Synap Premium users have the option to make their playlists Private or Invite Only. Private playlists are only accessible to you, and Invite Only playlists are only accessible to you or specific people you share them with. 

Adding Quizzes to your Playlist

There are two easy ways to add quizzes to your playlists. Firstly, from the playlist page itself, you can click 'Add Quizzes', then choose quizzes from your library (saved or created). 

Secondly, whilst browsing any other section of Synap, you can click the '...' button on the top right of any Quiz Card, and add it to a playlist from there. 

Other Playlist Options

Once you've set up your playlist, there's a whole host of things you can do with it!

TIP: Premium users can set a playlist (or a set of playlists) as the source of their Spaced Repetition questions from the Control Center. 

Subscribing to Playlists

In addition to creating playlists, you can also subscribe to other people's playlists, so you can access them quickly from your Library, and receive updates when new quizzes are added. 

Sharing Playlists

You can share playlists by email or social media by clicking the 'Share Playlist' button, by copying and pasting the link, or by sharing your profile link, which includes a list of all your public playlists. 

Get Started!

Make your first Playlist today from the Playlists page! Here are some examples to get you started:

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