API Reference


Please configure your connection to the following url. Note, our API mandates the use of SSL and so, you must not omit nor replace the https protocol from the url.

Important Notes

In the following code blocks, please take heed of key data types and patterns that you will come across when interacting with our API.
Secret Key - You will be provided with a secret key that the API uses to authorise each incoming request. The secret key should not be exposed anywhere client side. It should be provided via your own server when making requests.


All objects are given a unique identifier known as the objectId. This is an alpha-numeric value that can contain uppercase and lowercase non-special characters, plus integers, of varying length, though normally the identifier is 10 characters long.
"objectId": "ABC123abc"


We expect all date values to be sent as ISO formatted strings. We will return all date values in the same format. Further, all domain objects, such as the user, contain two timestamp fields: createdAt and updatedAt, denoting the time at which they were first added to the database, and the last known modification. Finally, all requests will return a timestamp field that matches the time at which the request was processed.
"timestamp": "2020-03-27T12:00:00.000Z"
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