Portal Admins and Moderators can access the Users screen from the left hand side menu. The Users page shows the different 'user groups' you have set up, allows you to create new groups, and view/search for specific users within groups. 

By default, your portal will have three groups, and an 'All users' option. These are explained below:

  • All Users: Click to view a list of all users on the portal
  • Admins: People who have administrator access to manage the portal. This means they have control over all users, and can set 'global' settings such as the branding, look and feel of the portal
  • Educators: Managers who have responsibility over specific groups of users, and can set up courses and assignments but cannot manage global settings like admins can
  • Students: End-users or 'learners' in the system. They do not have access to the dashboard, cannot create courses or change settings. They use the portal to complete courses and assignments

You can set up your own groups, for example having different groups based on location, seniority or department - whichever works best for your organisation. You will assign courses and learning materials to specific groups of people, so it makes sense to organise your groups in a way that reflects the way training is delivered normally. 

To create a new group, use the 'create group' button, and you will be presented with the following pop-up:

User Type - is the type of user this should be, i.e. are they line managers who will primarily be using the platform to manage and monitor other staff, or are they 'students' who will be assigned courses? 

Moderated by - who are the people responsible for managing this group's training? If you are setting up a group for front-line staff, they will likely be moderated by an educator group (you may need to set this up first). If you are setting up an educator group, they will likely be moderated by an admin. 

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