Mark attempts

Learn how to assign markers, use the marking modal to award marks on questions, enable mark schemes and feedback for user attempts

If you're using the new double and blind marking features please refer to our new marking docs below


Question types such as free text, file upload or audio recording questions may require some manual marking by admins or educators. When creating these question types you have the option to have a custom credit value and add a rubric / mark scheme to them to guide your markers on where to award marks. Once an attempt has been submitted depending on the results configuration, the results may not be released automatically to users as there are questions that require marking. This doc will walk you through the steps to finding and marking attempts

Adding custom marks & a mark scheme

๐Ÿง  Only responses submitted in an exam can be marked.

  • Results release must be set to Automatically when possible or Always manually

  • Only free text, file upload or audio recording can be marked

  • Mark schemes and custom credit values must be set on the question via the source quiz

  • Credits are the

๐Ÿ‘€ Finding attempts to mark

In an exam which has attempts that require marking, go to the users table page and select the attempt you wish to mark.

There are several marking states an attempt can be in:



Attempt has been submitted, is ready for marking and has had no questions marked yet

In progress

Attempt has had some marks inputted, but has not been set as completed


Attempt has been marked, and a marker has manually set this attempt's marks to completed - changes to marks can still be made if Marks is in this state


Marks on this attempt have now been finalised by a marker, no further changes can be made - the student is not yet aware of their marks


A marker has released the marks for the attempt to the student & they have been notified

Attempts must be marked individually but you can bulk complete, finalise and release results using the select all checkbox in the top left of the user table.

Once a student has submitted their exam attempt, it becomes ready to be marked. All attempts ready to be marked will show a status of Submitted and marks as Unmarked.

Select the attempt you want to mark, and use the pencil icon on the right hand side to open the marking modal.

โœ… Marking modal

From the marking modal, you'll see questions eligible for marking noted with a blue dot. From here markers can award credits, and leave feedback comments for users to view in the question feedback.

  • Points - Are what is awarded for a correct / partially correct response. If negative marking is being used then points are what are deducted for an incorrect answer

  • Credits - The maximum points up for grabs for answering a question correctly

The feedback box contains a rich text editor, so you can leave links, photos, tables, lists and even videos as feedback for candidates

Mark schemes

Using a mark scheme splits out specific areas where credits are awarded, create different areas where credits are awarded. Markers cannot input higher values than the maximum credit allocation. See our mark scheme docs for more on creation.

Adding custom marks & a mark scheme

Information for marking

Configure questions to have a box for information for markers, which supports rich text formatting if you want to link out to an external mark scheme or modal answer

Feedback to candidate

Feedback to candidate will be shown to the candidate when the results are released if the questions breakdown page is enabled.

candidates will be able to see comments left about their answers, it will show under 'Markers comments'

Internal notes

Leave notes / comments for fellow markers, Student users won't be able to see these, they are available in the marking modal only

๐Ÿ›ซ Releasing results

Once all questions have been given marks the status will move to Completed. When you're ready you can select these results to finalise, using the checkbox and and tick icon. You can use the tick boxes to select multiple or all attempts.

Once finalised, no further changes can be made to the marks.

Once marks are finalised no further changes can be made. The final step is to select all the finalised attempts you want to release and use the release results button. This will give students access to their results, feedback and anything else on the results page.

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“ What students see

Students get a detailed view of each question from their exam attempts question page. Where a mark scheme has been used or comments left, they can see exactly what marks (points) they achieved

๐Ÿ“Œ Assign a marker

Any Educator in the default or moderating an exam group will be able to mark attempts in that group, you can also assign specific markers to an attempt. To do so select the user or users, and use the Assign a marker button. The assigned marker/markers will show in the in the Assigned markers column.

The Finalised marker is who ever changes the attempt status into finalised. Multiple markers can mark and override marks on attempts. Once assigned markers will be able to use the Attempts - Marking page to filter by attempts assigned to them.

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿซ Marking as an Educator

Educators can mark attempts the same way as admins, they have all the same controls and options. The only difference how they find the attempts to mark, Educators can use user groups to find the right exams, or the Markers attempts page if it's been enabled.

Using User Groups

  • Go to users

  • Select the group that sat the exam

  • Go to exams from the group sub menu

  • Select the exam

  • Go to the users table

  • Select attempt to mark

See the video guide below and share it with your educators on how to mark

Using the Attempts - Marking page

A dedicated page for Educators and Admins, head over to Settings > User Access > Educators / Admins > Attempts - Marking to enable.

The image below shows an Educator's view of the Attempts - Marking page, this Educator is able to filter by only the attempts assigned to them for a particular exam. By clicking the Marking status pill on each attempt they can open the marking modal.

Using the Attempts - Marking page

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