Synap Academy

Creating groups

How to create new educator and student user groups
To create a new group, go to the the Users page and Create group
Create a new group

🧑‍🎓 Student groups

To make a new student group, give the new group a name and set the user type to student to be moderated by an educator group, if you select the default Educators group then all educators will be able to moderate that group.
Student group being moderated by educators
We recommend you give your groups an easily identifiable short name that will show other admins and educators exactly who's in the group. Save your group config
🧠 Remember students cannot see the names of the groups they are in!
Once your group has been created you can add existing users or invite new ones
New group with no students in it yet

🧑‍🏫 Educator groups

Follow the same steps above to create an educator group, just make sure you set the user type to Educator .
Custom educator group set up
You can edit a group configuration at any time, within the group page use the pencil icon in the top right to make changes.
Pencil icon to modify a group

🔁 Change group moderator

If you want to set a custom educator group to moderate a new or existing group, go into that group and use the pencil icon to edit the configuration.
Moderation changed from default to custom educator group
Change Moderated by to the educator group you want to moderate and save.

💡 Top tips

Use the URL to find the group id, you'll need to use this if you're
Locating a group ID