Learn how to enable and configure resits for users if they fail or if you want to set up flexi resits for more study / revision style mock exams.

On the exam resit configuration page you can customise the resit rules for your exam, the two most common scenarios being

  1. Someone needs to resit when they get a failing grade

  2. Let someone resit as many times as they like, regardless of grade

Allow resits regardless of grade: allow users to resit the exam even if they have passed.

Allow participants: Set the number of resits you will allow users to take to achieve a pass

  • Unlimited: Leave this blank to allow users to take an unlimited number of resits until they pass the exam.

  • Limited: Enter a number to set the number or resits a user can take. (Whole numbers only)

Resit open: When a candidate should be able to resit after failing an attempt

  • Immediately: As soon as an attempt is complete if a candidate is eligible for a resit, one will be generated for them

  • After delay: Specific time in, minutes, hours, days as to when a resit will re open for a user

  • On demand: Candidates will be able to generate resits themselves after submitting an attempt for this exam via a button on their results page

Resit close: Once the resit is available to a user, specify how long they should have to start this attempt. Note this is not the duration of the exam:

  • Same as exam: the resit will have the same close date / time as the overall exam, if an exam is indefinite then it won't close

  • Exactly: set the exact amount of time they have until a resit closes

Users will be notified about resits if emails are enabled, on the exams table and within the exam hall.

Custom messages

In addition to resits you can customise the results pages with custom messages that display when pass / fail grades are achieved and when a user has resits remaining. Head over to Results>Custom messages to configure:

  • Message when a candidate passes

  • Message when a candidate fails

  • Message when a candidate has resits available

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