Collection use cases

This page will outline how to set up and manage collections for some common use cases

๐Ÿฆ Question banks and the Study

If your use case involves providing your users with a pool of questions to answer repeatedly then using Collections to create a question bank is the best way to present your questions / quizzes:

  • Create, name and save your collection

  • Go to the 'Configure' tab and enable Allow generate attempts (an additional menu will open allowing you to choose settings for these generated attempts). Generated attempts from a collection allow users to take a quiz made up of questions from all quizzes in that collection. To make the most of this feature we recommend tagging your questions and giving those tags facet labels

pageTags & facets
  • The default layout of collections is Cards and we recommend leaving this as it is, the Player layout is more linear so is more suited to other use cases

  • You can now start adding quiz items to your collection. These can either be existing items from your library or you can create a new quiz. New quizzes will be added to the collection and the library for use in other collections, exams etc

  • If you don't want all the quizzes to be immediately available, use the drop down menu on those quizzes to select the 'Prevent access' option

  • Go to the User groups tab and add user groups you want to have access to the collection. Any users already in those groups will then be able to access the quizzes in the collection

Using the Study in conjunction with collections

Question banks can also feed into the Study part of Synap. If you want to leverage this part of the platform, ensure you have the Study page enabled for students.

pageUser Access

Spaced learning quizzes - Users will need to activate their spaced learning and ensure they have quizzes in their study to start generating regular spaced learning quizzes. These quizzes will be populated by questions from the study items and delivered according to an algorithm which ensures a focus on a users weakest questions and ongoing retention of knowledge

Self practice quizzes - These quizzes are generated by users as and when they want to take them. They still draw from the items in a users study but a user can choose filters to focus on certain subject areas

๐Ÿ”€ Flexible learning courses

Collections can also be used to provide your users with a course of learning materials. In a collection this material can be delivered in a more flexible format than assignments as users are not restricted to a linear progression through the materials and they can easily return to the materials at a later date for revision.

  • Create your collection, give it a name and add a description which will display as an 'Overview' above the list of items

  • Go to the 'Configure' tab and select the player option. This will lay the materials out in a list view so that you can softly imply the order in which the materials should be engaged with

  • Enable tracked progress so that users can see how many items they have viewed / have left to view

  • Go to the User groups tab and add user groups you want to have access to the collection. Any users already in those groups will then be able to access the collection

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