User permissions allow you to set both the global and Access permissions for the users of a user group.

We are thrilled to introduce a new Advanced permissions system on Synap. Create custom roles, and access rules to suit your use case. Designed with administrators and educators in mind, ensuring a more controlled and streamlined experience for your teams.

Advanced permissions are a Pro only features - if you're an existing Pro client and would like to move over to the new Advanced permissions then please get in touch with your account manager. If you are on Standard and you'd like to upgrade please get in touch with support!

There are two types of User group permissions:

Global permissions: These permissions apply to all items in the relevant area. For example, if you set View = true on user groups, then the group with that permission could see all user groups on your portal.

Specific permissions: Ideal if you want to grant this user group access rights to restricted items. For example, if you want to enable this user group to mark only 3 specific exams, and not mark all the exams (global permissions are used for this).

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Granular Control: Gain unprecedented control over who can do what within your platform. Assign permissions on a granular level, allowing you to limit user group access to only the actions and areas that are essential for their roles.

  2. Content Creation without Distractions: For situations where content creation is the primary task, you can configure user groups to have the exclusive ability to create content, without any visibility into other areas of the portal. This helps users focus on their core responsibilities without unnecessary distractions.

  3. User Management Mastery: In cases where user management is a priority, User Group Permissions allows designated groups to efficiently create and manage users. This feature is especially valuable for subject tutors and administration departments that need to onboard, ove a user between groups or update user information securely and without interference from unrelated tasks.

  4. Enhanced Security: By segregating permissions, you can bolster security and confidentiality. User groups are isolated from one another, ensuring that users only see what they need to see, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

  5. Streamlined Collaboration: User Group Permissions promotes collaboration by enabling different teams to work within their designated spaces, free from the clutter of irrelevant information. This simplifies processes and enhances productivity.

  6. Effortless Setup: Our intuitive interface makes it simple for administrators to configure and manage user group permissions.

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