Instructions & sections

Creating and managing instructions, sections and section instructions

๐Ÿ“’ Instructions

Use the submenu on the quiz builder to navigate to 'Instructions' to create a dedicated first page of your quiz.

Instructions can be timed or untimed. Adding a timer to this page to give students a maximum allowed time on page. Once the timer runs out the user will be progressed onto the first question. Instructions take rich text so you can put any information, videos, images you want in them.

Title: Displays as the H1 for your instructions

Body: Use the rich text editor to add in your instructions

๐Ÿ—‚ Sections

There are two types of sections on quizzes and exams on Synap which can be configured from a quiz or exams experience settings

Section TypeDescription


Users cannot go back into a submitted section. They cannot view or modify answers from submitted sections. They cannot move forward into other sections without submitting the section they are on


Users can go back to view only previously submitted sections - but they cannot change their responses.

Use the section editor (access through the sub menu) to create strict sections. Sections contain questions, users navigate freely between questions in that section. But they cannot go back to a section once it has been submitted.

๐Ÿšจ EMQ groups cannot be split across different sections

Title: This is the name of the section that will appear to users

Section External ID: You must include this, users won't see this but you'll need it to group questions together in a section

Timer: Set a default time for each section, else if a timer is enabled it can be inferred from individual questions

Instructions: Add a set of timed or untimed instructions to show at the start of each section.(You can use these to create enforced breaks in an exam)

Instruction timer: Will only be enabled where timed exams and timers on the exam config are enabled.

Once sections have been created, questions need to be assigned and grouped to the right question. You can do this in bulk via the importer using the Section external ID. Else use Advanced options in the question editor, and ensure that each question references the correct Section external ID

Questions will be grouped together by section in the quiz editor.

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