Registration settings

Learn about the different login page customisations and registration methods on your portal

One of the most important questions about your Synap platform is 'How will my users sign up to the portal'. Head over to Settings>Portal Settings>Registration to configure your sign up method and the login page customisation.

From here select the colours, descriptions and background images shown on your portal signup / login page. Head over to to see an example.

The image login page images shows to users on the right of the login page. As this page is responsive we recommend not including lots of text or anything that can be cropped. Click here for a template with a safe zone indicated - Use a high quality rectangle image around 1430x945px

โœ๏ธSign-up method

๐Ÿšจ Sign-up method is really important - if you don't want users to be able to create their own account you should leave it as closed (ie if you're selling exams or learning)

  • Sign-up method - how users can sign up for the portal, if closed there will be no 'Get started' button and users will be advised to contact the administrator for access details.

  • Allowed domains - list domains you want to allow to create accounts

  • Title - Top line on the login page (see below)

  • Description - Paragraph below the title on the login page, supports links, see below.

  • Background image - The image that appears to the right of the login page

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