Learn about how to schedule you exams and configure the different options

From the exam schedule page you can configure the times and dates you want users to be able to access your exam.

The time zone outlined in the orange message at the bottom of the schedule box is the time zone your device clock is set to

Fixed date range exams

The most common set up for exams is having an open and close window, where users are given times and dates in which they must have started the exam.

If they try to start the exam before the window opens they will see a pending message.

If they try to start it after the window closes they won't be able to take the exam.

  • Open time / date : The earliest time that you want someone to start the exam,

  • Close time / date: The very last time you want someone to be able to join the exam

๐Ÿšจ Note: The open window is not the duration of the exam, this is the window that you're going to let candidates begin the exam. Think of it as the window that someone would be allowed to walk into the exam hall for an in person exam.

We recommend that you give a window of about an hour to account for any technical difficulties and late comers.

Example: An exam with a 30 minute duration and a 2 hour start window between 12pm and 2pm on the same day means: The very first person to start will finish no later than earlier than 12:30pm. And the very last person to start the exam will finish no later than 2:30pm.

Indefinite Exams

Use indefinite exams to set only an open window, ideal if your exams run continuously throughout the year. Remember that users who are added to the exam group of an open exam will get an attempt generated for them

Candidate Deadlines

You can also set a fixed or relative deadline on the exam. If you have an indefinite exam that runs all the time, but you want users to complete it within 4 days of getting access then you can do this using the relative deadline

Once you're happy with the exam save it and double check all your settings.

The final step in creating an exam is to schedule it, once you've scheduled the exam you will not be able to make changes to the exam.

Close or close an Exam

If you wish to close an exam early or end the creation of attempts on an indefinite exam, use Synap's close exam feature. You'll find this button in the top left, once clicked you'll get a warning that active attempts can still progress but no more attempts can be generated or started.

Re-open an exam

Once an exam has been completed you can re-open it on the schedule page. Re-opening an exam will generate attempts for any users who were added to the exam's user group since the original close window. It will also generate attempts for any users added to the group after the exam is re-opened, but before the new close date.

Click on the 'Reopen exam' drop down and enter the updated open and close times. Confirm by selecting 'Reopen exam'

Re-opening an exam will not re-open existing expired attempts. To re-open these go to the exams users page and use the adjust time function

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