Global permissions

Global permissions are overall access rights or privileges. These permissions grant or restrict access to fundamental functionalities, areas, or resources within the system

Global permissions are the default overall permissions of each user group for each user type. You cannot modify the Global permissions for Admin or Manager groups, however for Educator groups you will have the option to configure the permissions of each group.

Educators in multiple groups with different permissions will get the highest level of permissions set, setting permissions is additive.

Where to set global permissions

  1. Go to User groups

  2. Select the group that you would like to adjust the global permissions for

  3. Using the menu on the left find the tab labelled 'Permissions'

  4. Adjust any of the areas sliders to enable/disable those permissions


Below is a walkthrough of how to set global permissions on an educator group alongside the educators' view of those changes.

Use case examples

Content creation permissions

Setting these permissions will allow the user group to view, create edit and delete all library content. To restrict this further remove the delete and view permissions, allowing the group to only create and edit content

User management permissions

This would allow the user group to manage user groups but not delete them. View and update users but not view any of their attempt data.

Content assignment permissions

Here we can create and edit our own collections but not those created by other users. Then we can assign those collections to user groups but we have no visibility of the users or their data in those groups.

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