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Use Zapier in combination with Synap's custom triggers to automate your workflow

Zapier is a fantastic tool for building custom workflows when certain things happen on Synap and it lets you link up all your different tools to Synap. For example, using Zapier you can set up the following automations:

  • When user registers an account on Synap -> Then add row to Google Sheets

  • When user completes an attempt on Synap -> Then send email

  • When user purchases a product on Shopify -> Then add / invite to a user group on Synap

Synap's Zapier intergatrion is now pubclic so you can search for it in Zapier. If you want to use our Zapier integration, please get in touch via the Chat widget on your portal and we will help you get your Synap and Zapier accounts linked up.

๐Ÿง  The same workflows can be achieved using Synap's API endpoints, see our API Documentation for more details

Actions and Triggers summary

๐Ÿ”ซ Triggers - Go to Triggers article
  • Completed Assignment

  • Completed Attempt

  • User Registered

  • Store Purchase

  • Flag Planted

  • User Added to User Group

  • User Registered for Exam

  • Completed Exam

  • Submitted Attempt

  • Submitted Exam

  • User Updated

๐ŸŽฌ Actions - Go to Actions article
  • Invite User

  • Add User to User Group

  • Remove User From User Group

  • Add Study Item to User's Study

  • Remove Study Item From Users's Study

  • Create User

  • Update User

  • Get Attempt

  • Get User by ID

  • Get User by Email

๐Ÿš— Getting started with Zapier

To use on Synap's Zapier, ask your account manager for your credentials, and they will send you:

  • API key

  • Portal ID

  • Secret Key

Once you have all of the above you'll be able to get started with all of Synap's triggers and actions.

โšก๏ธ Creating a Zap

On Zapier create a new Zap and search for 'Synap' and select the latest version available.

Select the trigger you wish to use and click 'continue' You may need to connect your account using the credentials provided by your account manager.

Click 'Continue' and then you can test the trigger! Doing this will pull through any data from the last few minutes relating to your chosen trigger.

๐Ÿšจ Testing Triggers will require a recent event of that type (3 minutes), you can skip this step.

For setting up actions simply follow the same steps just ensure you aren't doing it in the first box that Zapier offers you, it should look like this.

  • Completed attempt

  • User registered

  • Store purchased - When a user purchases from your Synap store, if you are using a Shopify/Woo commerce store e.t.c they provide their own triggers.

  • Completed assignment

  • Flag planted

  • User added to user group

  • User registered for exam

  • Completed exam

  • User updated (email, name or user attributes changed)

Create actions

  • Invite user

  • Add user to user group

  • Remove user from user group

  • Add study item to user's study

  • Remove study item from user's study

  • Create user

  • Update user

  • Get attempt

Search actions

  • Get User by Email

  • Get User by ID

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