๐Ÿ“‡ Import fields

To use the importer to create EMQ groups in bulk. You'll need to put them into the EMQ template: Download the Synap EMQ template

Synap ID - This is where the unique id that Synap uses to locate a unique EMQ. You need to leave this blank if you are creating a new EMQ. This field will come in handy later when you're linking your EMQ groups to questions.

Instructions - This is the body of your EMQ that is shared across all questions. For example a passage of text or a graph.

Feedback - This feedback will be given after each questions linked to the EMQ, along with the individual feedback for each MCQ

External ID - Use this id to call your EMQ something you and your team can identify it easily when you're exporting and updating it. For example: great_expectations_EMQ_magwitch and great_expectations_EMQ_havisham

Head over to Import > Import EMQ groups to create your EMQs and generate their Synap IDs

Once your EMQ groups have been imported, they will be given a unique Synap ID. You need this ID to link your questions to your EMQs. Make a note of the ids or download the CSV and match them to your question sheet using the EMQ Synap ID column

If you have a lot of EMQs in your quiz we recommend adding an additional column on your question import sheet called 'EMQ external ID'. You can then use this to link the questions to their EMQs using a =VLOOKUP function on Google Sheets / Microsoft Excel.

  1. Have the EMQ and question import sheets on the same spreadsheet (but different tabs / worksheets)

  2. Ensure you give each EMQ a unique external id

  3. Add an additional column to the left of the 'EMQ Synap ID' called 'EMQ external ID'

  4. Insert the Synap EMQ IDs onto the EMQ sheet

  5. Change the order of the columns on the EMQ sheet so that the external ID column is in A and the Synap ID column is in B

  6. add this formula into the 'EMQ external ID' =VLOOKUP(R3,EMQs!A:B,2,FALSE) (where 'R' is the column containing the external IDs and the sheet with EMQs on is labelled 'EMQs'

  7. Fill handle this formula for all questions in the sheet

Once your question sheet is done, follow the steps to upload your questions and check your EMQs have been added in correctly.

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