Create rich engaging notes using our note builder

Notes are a great way to add instructions and help guides to a course or collection. Notes support rich text, images, videos, gifs, equations and HTML snippets

pageHTML formatting

One of the benefits of using notes is that you can get a continuous scroll on the platform giving your users more freedom to read than some documents or presentations.

๐Ÿ—’ Creating a new note

From the library, collection or course builder select the Note type to make a new note filling in the note title and details and saving.

From the note editor use the options to format the text, add in equations, tables.

๐Ÿ“ผ Insert videos

You cannot directly upload videos into a note, but you can embed them from streaming services using the Insert HTML option

Find the video you want to embed, and copy the embed video snippet, paste this into the HTML snippet box and the video will be added to your note. Remember that if the source of this video is deleted, it will also be removed from your note!

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