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Learn how to study, take exams and practice questions on Synap

Creating a Synap account

Depending on the portal you may need to be sent and email invite to create an account on Synap, go to the portal URL you want to sign in to and if you see a note saying 'Please contact your administrator for account details' then you'll need to get in touch with the admins of that portal for access
Example portal login page

Account & manage settings

Use the profile icon in the bottom left hand corner and account to go to your settings page.
Accessing the account page
From the account page you'll be able to update your email, profile picture, password and any other attributes you have edit permissions for. This page will also let you delete your account and all associated data.
You'll also be able to modify additional settings such as:
  • Language options (if enabled on your portal)
  • Email notification settings (note there are some things you cannot disable like exam emails)
  • Font size
  • Timezone

Using the Study

Some portals have a study page enabled like the one below. The study lets you control and manage which questions and quizzes you want to study. Use the tabs on the study dashboard to view which items are in your study, remove items and add in additional items
Generating a quiz from your study and managing items
The items in your spaced learning contribute towards different mastery levels

Spaced learning

Simply Spaced Learning is a system developed by Synap to help individuals learn information and recall it in the long term. It is based on the neurological principle of Spaced Repetition. Spaced Learning personalises learning based on Spaced Repetition.
Spaced Learning Quizzes are regenerated when there are enough questions which need answering to ensure retention of knowledge at that point. This can vary depending on the number of questions in your Study but is usually every couple of days. Unlike Self-practice quizzes you cannot manually add questions to the Spaced Learning quizzes. They are auto-populated based on which questions you are weakest/strongest on. However, you can change how many questions you get each day. To do this simply click on the cog icon in the Spaced Learning box:
  • ⚫️ Unseen = questions you have never seen before, these will appear the most often in your spaced learning if they are active in your study
  • 🔴 Novice = questions you've answered before, but you haven't been answering them correctly or at big enough intervals to show you've progressed on them. You will see these very frequently in your spaced learning quizzes
  • 🟡 Intermediate = questions you've answered correctly a few times now, you're starting to answer them correctly in increasingly bigger time intervals too. You'll see these fairly often in your spaced learning quizzes
  • 🟢 Advanced = questions you've shown you answer correctly most the time, you're answering them correctly between reasonably larger periods of time. You'll not see these very often in your spaced learning
  • 🔵 Mastered = questions you've demonstrated you can always answer correctly. You'll no longer see these in your spaced learning quizzes
Questions may move down the mastery levels as well as up if:
  • You are consistently answering them wrong
  • You've had a large break from studying
  • You requested a reset

Quiz settings

Whether from a question bank (collections) or the study, you can configure the settings you want to take that quiz in the set up modal. Note not all of these configuration options may be made available to you
Quiz set up page & modal
  • Practice: Feedback is given after each question is answered
  • Exam: Feedback is given when all questions have been answered
  • Timed exam: Same as exam + a timer which submits the exam automatically when time runs out.
  • All: every question in the quiz/quizzes
  • Short: around 5 questions
  • Medium: around 25 questions
  • Long: around 50 questions
  • Extra long: around 100 questions
You may also be able to select a specific tag to include in the quiz

Taking a quiz

Once you've started a quiz you'll be able to select or input your answer depending on the question type. Its really important you submit your answers as you go, you can always come back and change your answers for questions within that section.
Quiz experience

Quiz controls

Use the panel on the right hand side of the quiz player to access the various controls during a quiz. When enabled you can use a calculator, view instructions, discard an attempt, or flag a question.
Flagging a question will alert a moderator that you think there is a problem with the question such as a broken image or spelling mistake.
Quiz controls
User the chevron to open the quiz navigator panel, this show you where you are in the quiz, which section (if enabled) and what is the question id (helpful if you want to flag an issue with a moderator or support)
Quiz navigator


Use the student insights page (note your portal admin may have called this something different) to track your progress over time on various attempts
This page shows you a breakdown of your attempt history over time, focusing on performance over different key tags
Example of a users insights page
A table of all the specific attempts they've taken against different quizzes and exams.
Attempts history
Engagement = The number of responses in a given time frame
Average = Is calculated across all responses in a given time frame
Students can toggle between skill and difficulty facet average scores and change the subject filters and date range.
Student insights walk through
Change the date ranges to see your average score progress over different periods
Average score comparison