Rosalyn Lock-down exam

How to create a Rosalyn Proctored Lock-down only exam. This exam type will not record a candidate or their screen for you to review later. Pricing depends on your plan

Rosalyns Lock-down exams are ideal for medium to high-stakes assessments in person and online. Candidates aren't recorded or monitored by their device and browser is locked down to prevent cheating, no replay session is provided to review. Candidates must install a desktop application

Follow the steps for setting up an exam up to (not including) scheduling. Remember in order to make an exam you'll first need:

  • โœ… A quiz or quizzes

  • โœ… A user group to set the exam to

๐Ÿ—๏ธpage1. Setup: Exam

Enabling Rosalyn

Make sure Rosalyn has been fully set up and enabled on your portal see here for more. Once Rosalyn is enabled on your exam set up navigate to Security>Proctoring. Enable proctoring via Rosalyn and select Lock-down browser

Once enabled, schedule your exam as normal with an open and close time, we recommend you adding detailed instructions with system requirements for your candidates as it can be emailed out for them if you are sending system emails. See below for suggested copy - you may want to modify this based on your specific rules

Suggested candidate exam instructions for Rosalyn

๐Ÿ‘€ Instructions (Read them)

These are your exam instructions please read carefully Your exam is going to be proctored by a service called Rosalyn an online proctoring platform who we partner with to add additional security and monitoring options for our exams, to do this exam you must:

  • Be on a laptop or computer (It will not work on mobile or tablet)

  • Use the Rosalyn app - you will be guided through an installation process if you do not already have it

  • Follow the exam rules

  • This won't work on an incognito window

Any breaches of the exam rules during this attempt will be detected.

Rosalynโ€™s software is offered as a desktop application for Mac and Windows computers. It ensures that your exam is taken under secure settings by recording your screen, webcam and microphone for the duration of the exam. It uses a unique โ€˜human in the loopโ€™ approach whereby suspicious behaviour is flagged by AI, but all interventions and decisions are made by a trained (human) proctor. Ahead of the exam you can check your system is compatible and ensure you wonโ€™t have any technical issues on the day.

Browsers - Any of the following

  • Google Chrome - Latest Version (Preferred)

  • Mozilla Firefox - Latest Version

  • Microsoft Edge - Latest Version

  • Apple Safari - Latest Version

Hardware Requirements - All of the following:

  • At least 100Mb RAM

  • At least 300Mb available hard drive space

  • Working webcam

  • Working microphone

  • Broadband internet with a minimum upload/download speed of 500Kb/s

What do I need to install? Synap itself works as a web-application so does not need installing. However, when you start your exam on Synap, you will be guided through a process to download and install the Rosalyn desktop application. You do not need to download this ahead of time, but if you would like to then you can use the links below.

Please note that whilst the Rosalyn application should open once installed, it is designed to be opened as a part of the examination process so you will just see a holding page and will not be able to access any exams on it until the day of your exam. We only recommend downloading the application ahead of time if you have a particular concern about your device or network settings, or if you need permission from your employerโ€™s IT team to install applications and therefore need to pre-install it ahead of the exam

Once your exam is scheduled you can monitor it in the same way you would any other exam from the Users table

๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธCandidate experience

See the video below for awalkthrough for candidates sitting their first Rosalyn Lock- down exam

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