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Question types

🎭 Question Types

Select the question type, there are 5 to choose from :
Question Type
Single correct
Multiple choice type of question, with one correct answer. This type can also contain can be image answer options.
Multiple correct
Multiple choice type question, users must select all the correct options to achieve the marks.
Multiple choice type of question, users must exactly re order the options into the correct order to achieve the marks.
Free text
Text entry is required to answer the question, the system doesn't mark these questions. If you are using Free Text questions in an exam you must set the results to deferred on the quiz configuration, as these need to be marked off platform. Code blocks can also be included as apart of a users response
File upload
Student must upload a Word / pdf etc file to the platform. These files need to be exported and marked off platform
Audio Recording
Student must record themselves speaking using an audio recording widget in the answer box
These questions are just used for providing information. You will not provide answer options, free text box or file upload option. Users cannot get these questions right or wrong
Option types
Simple word / string only options. Options listed as a,b,c etc
Upload images as the options for users to select from. Options
Image answer options
Use EMQs to group questions together by a commonality.

Code blocks & Free text editor

The Free text question types allows for formulas, HTML snippets, images, and code blocks.
Selecting a language for a code block
Creating a question with a code block
Users can also use a code block to input their answers