Educator permissions

Learn about the common permission use cases for Educators on Synap and how to create your own custom Educator role using Advanced permissions

More docs coming soon! Feel free to get in touch with support to discuss your current use case and have a 1-1 on how to use permissions, one of our product experts will be happy to help!

By default Educator permissions can be limiting. With Advanced permissions you can modify the role of each group to suit your use case. A few examples of what the Educator role can be used for:

  • Exam markers - Educators who are required to only mark exam attempts, they can't revoke or create exams

  • Exam moderators - Educators not responsible for the marking, but of the moderation and release of results that have been marked by someone else

  • Exam managers - Educators responsible for the creation and management of exams

  • Specific exam moderators - Educators who should only see a very specific exam (Specific permissions)

[More coming soon!]

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