Actions in more detail

In Zapier, an action is a step in an automated workflow, also known as a "Zap". Actions are used to perform a specific task, such as creating a new contact in a CRM system or sending a message to a team chat application.

For example, if you have a form on your website that collects leads, you can set up an action to automatically add those leads to your CRM system. When a lead fills out the form, the trigger detects the event and initiates the Zap, which then adds the lead information to your CRM using an action step.

Actions can be used to suit your specific needs, so you can create workflows that automate a wide variety of tasks, from filling our spreadsheets with attempt data to updating a user based on their exam results.

Here's a list of the Synap actions:


Invite User

Sends an invitation to a user to create an account

Add User to User Group

Adds a user to a specified user group

Remove User From User Group

Removes a user from a specified user group

Add Study Item to User's Study

Adds a study item to a user's study

Remove Study Item From User's Study

Removes a study item from a user's study

Create User

Creates a new user account

Update User

Updates the information for a specified user

Get Attempt

Retrieves information about a specified attempt

Get User by ID

Retrieves information about a specified user in Synap using their user ID

Get User by Email

Retrieves information about a specified user in Synap using their email address

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