Triggers in more detail

In Zapier, a trigger is an event that starts an automated workflow, also known as a "Zap". Triggers are used to initiate an action when a particular event occurs, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and save time.

For example, if you have a form on your website that collects leads, you can set up a trigger to automatically add those leads to your CRM system. When a lead fills out the form, the trigger detects the event and initiates the Zap, which then adds the lead information to your CRM.

Triggers can be used to suit your specific needs, so you can create workflows that automate a wide variety of tasks, from user generation to exam enrolment to exporting data.

Here is the list of Synap triggers:


Completed Assignment

Triggered when a user completes an assignment

Completed Attempt

Triggered when a user completes an attempt

User Registered

Triggered when a new user registers for an account

Store Purchase

Triggered when a user makes a purchase in the Synap store

Flag Planted

Triggered when a user plants a flag on a question

User Added to User Group

Triggered when a user is added to a user group

User Registered for Exam

Triggered when a user registers for an exam

Completed Exam

Triggered when a user completes and exam

Submitted Attempt

Triggered when a user submits an attempt

Submitted Exam

Triggered when a user submits an exam

User Updated

Triggered when a users information is updated

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