Synap Academy

Configure collections

Tracked progress, generated attempts and card vs player layouts
Once you've created a collection you can customise the configuration on the configure page
Collection configuration
Don't forget yo use preview or study mode to view the different configurations on your collections.

🎭 Layouts

There are two layouts to choose from for collections: Card or Player.

🃏 Cards

Cards organise content and folders into a card view, you can customise the folder and content covers in the collection editor
Card view

▶️ Player

The collection player is a more linear style of learning for users. Content is arranged into collapsed folders, and shown to users on the left hand side. Users can navigate items using the previous / next buttons.
Collection player

📍 Track progress

When enabled users will be able to see the states of different items in a collection:
  • 🔵 Blue = New (item was added in since the last time you were viewing the collection)
  • 🟢 Green = Seen
  • ⚪️ Grey = Not seen

🎱 Generated attempts

When enabled you can select the tags and facets you want users to be able to filter through to generate their own quizzes. Collection generated attempts will pool all questions within a collection and give users the option to filter.
Generating attempts